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“Legatrix” is a complete Legal Compliance Management solution, which caters the Compliance need of any business entity. It enables senior management with a one-stop view of the organization's compliances & control mechanism through comprehensive compliance dashboards & provides necessary information at the operating level by creating comprehensive Matrix on laws and it's management.

Business Benefits:
  • Reducing non compliance cost, penalties & hence contribute to bottom line
  • Avoiding productivity losses to meet compliance deadlines
  • Non compliance can be monitored, tracked & corrected
  • Increase in brand value of the company

Legasis Approach:
  • Compliance Review
  • Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Compliance Testing & Analysis
  • Training & Implementation

Legatrix the All encompassing compliance Solution:
  • Compliance Matrix developed by Global Lawyers
  • Compliance Control Mechanism Through well defined Matrix
  • Multi-location online Monitoring and Review
  • Legatrix is supported by 24/7 Remote Accessibility creating virtual office at locations across the globe.
  • Calendar of Compliances
  • Dashboard for Risk
  • Auto Audit Facility at one click
  • Authorized Access
  • Tracking On the Legatrix, the users can automatically track progress of compliances limited to their domain.
  • Auto Alerts & escalations

Team Legatrix